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ALB Airport Parking Overview

As the state of New York’s capital city’s airport, the Albany International Airport is a fairly underused airport. Regardless, it sees a traffic of about 1,500,000 people flying out of Albany every year. Needless to say, the Albany Airport parking needs to accommodate thousands of vehicles everyday. This article will guide you to the best parking facilities available in and around ALB so that you can plan your commute accordingly.

Depending on your particular needs, you can choose from several Albany Airport parking options. Are you coming to the airport simply to drop off a friend, or are you going on a few days’ journey yourself and therefore need to use the overnight parking facility? Do you want a personalized cleaning and detailing service for your car in an off-site parking lot or would you rather avail economy parking on-site? In any case, you do not need to worry about handicap parking or arrangements for electric vehicle charging as you can find these easily both in the on-site and off-site parking lots.

Compare On-Site vs Off-Site

On-Site Parking At Albany Airport

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Off-Site Parking At Albany Airport

Proximity to Airport
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Overall 3.4

Albany Parking Partners

Albany Park Ride & Fly

Albany Park Ride & Fly

Located just a few minutes from the airport just off I-87, this off-site parking option offers covered and uncovered parking in a 24/7 secured lots. You just pull up and get right into the free shuttle, your friendly driver will take care of loading (or unloading) your luggage! During the cold winter months, your car will be ready and warm when you arrive to the facility.

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Hotel & Parking Deals

Hotel & Parking Deals

Sometimes you have a crazy early flight (or late night arrival) and it makes sense to stay overnight AND take advantage of discounted parking at the hotel. At Albany Airport, this option is available at the following hotels:

  • Ramada Plaza Hotel Albany Airport
  • Quality Inn & Suites Latham
  • Travelodge Hotel Albany Airport
  • Best Western Albany Airport
  • Quality Inn Albany NY Airport

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ALB Parking FAQ

What is the cheapest parking facility available?

At the time of this update, the cheapest parking option is the ALB Airport long-term parking lot, at a maximum rate of only $6 a day.

What payment methods are accepted to pay for long-term parking?

Two of the three long-term parking lots at Albany Airport (east and west) currently accept only credit cards or EZ-Pass Plus. The long-term parking lot behind the north garage also accepts payment through other mediums, including cash.

Is there a cell phone lot for parking?

Yes, there is an observation area/ cellphone staging lot at a medium walking distance from the terminal and can be used as a waiting area for people picking up arrival passengers from the airport.

How can I park for free?

You can avail the facility to park for up to half an hour at the short-term parking lot for no charge.

Where can I find electrical vehicle charging stations?

Three electrical vehicle charging stations can be found on the second floor of the north parking garage, facing the terminal.

Who can I contact in case of an emergency or a vehicle-related issue?

In case of emergency or assistance of any nature, please call the following numbers: Parking Information 518 242-2277 Airport Information Desk 518 242-2299 Airport Operations 518 242-2300 Albany County Sheriff 518 242-4401 Albany County Airport Authority 518 242-2222

Albany Airport Parking Map

Albany Airport Parking Map

ALB Airport Parking Overview (Continued)

During normal operations, ALB airport offers five different parking options with designated parking spaces and respective parking fees. For travelers flying to another city for several days, the Albany Airport long-term parking offers a convenient parking facility. This comprises three parking lots, one on each end of the terminal (east and west) and one behind the north parking garage. However, two of these (east and west ALB parking lots) do not allow payment methods besides credit cards or EZ-Pass Plus, which may cause inconvenience to travelers who want to pay parking fees in cash.

Besides the long-term lots, ALB airport also has a short-term parking area, which is the ideal choice for those dropping friends or family off at the airport or simply visiting to greet a passenger in transit. This option allows car owners to park their vehicles for up to half an hour with no charge. If, however, a vehicle is parked for a longer period, the cumulative hourly parking charges may build up to greater than the daily rate of the other parking options. This parking lot is located very near to the terminal, in the entire first level of the north parking garage and in a signed area behind the parking garage.

The north and (newly constructed) south parking garages are the third option that flyers and other visitors to the ALB airport can utilize. These enclosed spaces provide a convenient option for accessible parking at an affordable daily rate. Owners of electric vehicles can also use electric vehicle charging stations located in the garage parking lots.

The fourth and fifth public parking facilities offered by Albany Airport are valet parking and economy E-lot respectively. In the first option, when available, passengers can simply hand their vehicles to a valet attendant and notify them of the time they expect to receive their vehicles from the same spot at the end of a trip. In the second option, passengers can park their vehicles at the E-lot and use shuttle buses (which, when operative, run 24 hours a day) to get to the airport. Normally, this is the cheapest Albany Airport parking option available. However, due to COVID-19, both valet parking and economy E-lot parking facilities (together with the buses) have been suspended. As compensation, the daily parking rates of the other visitor parking lots have been significantly reduced to keep the option for economy parking available.

All of the parking facilities at ALB Airport have reserved parking spots for persons with disabilities and handicaps. The vehicles parked at these designated handicapped accessible parking spaces need to have a disabled person plate, a disabled veteran plate, or a disabled parking placard.

In addition to the options listed above, passengers can also make use of services like Albany Park Ride Fly, which offers an off-site private ALB Airport parking option as well as services like shuttle buses, pick and drop from curbside to curbside, luggage assistance, as well as car services including cleaning, detailing, tyre change, jump-starting batteries and warming during winter. Passengers may also check into one of several hotels a night before their flight and be entitled to a free parking spot at the hotel until their return. With the availability of luxurious facilities at these hotels, which are situated right across the terminal and which also offer free shuttle services to and from the airport, this option is increasingly becoming a popular choice among flyers.

ALB Parking – Onsite Rates

Below are the current rates for ALB on-airport parking options. Please note that these prices can change from time to time. See the official website if you are looking for ALB ground transportation including taxis, ride share, and busses.

Albany Airport Long-Term Parking

Long term parking is $10/day and is located behind the North Parking Garage. This is not the same as Economy parking, which is located on the other side of the airport.

ALB Short-Term Parking

This parking lot is free for the first half hour. After this, a parking fee of $2/hour applies, measured from the first moment the vehicle was parked. The maximum daily rate is $24.

ALB Garage Parking

The north and the new south garage parking are charged at the rate of $2/hour, with a maximum daily rate of $14.

Valet Parking

Currently valet parking is not available.

Economy E-lot

The cheapest parking option, this could be availed by passengers at $6/day, complete with free shuttle service to and from the ALB airport.

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